Peace, Serenity and Tranquillity…


Only through ‘peace’ does one attain spiritual wealth and priceless riches beyond measure…

Through forgiving oneself and others we can make true spiritual progress towards serenity, the fundamental state of silence,  stillness and tranquility within the soul and essence of Being; the ‘perfect peace’ which as Jesus said is the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Peace, serenity and tranquility are the great essentials for success in Life ~ in the joy of Being ~ for obtaining the sense of the presence and perfection of Life, which is the secret to healing oneself and others too.

To begin the practice of being in Spirit; of acquiring Spiritual awakening ~ requires that we first attain true peace of mind, and that we commune directly with the heart.

You can know true peace and inner freedom, for the mystics and sages know, ‘serenity and tranquility are the great and grand passages to the presence and perfection of Source energy and God.’

Joy is truly in the journey within♡!