Guerrilla Warrior Wisdom


To not think, but feel. To not believe, but know. To not have faith, but have certainty.

A Spiritual Warrior will awaken you to the truth, not by punching you in the face from without, but by punching you in the heart from within.

The greatest of all journeys is the spiritual one that’s unfolding in you, the spiritual one that’s awakening in you, and the spiritual one that’s becoming in you, right here and right now in this one and only moment.

Guerrilla warrior wisdom and divine well being can be found within you. With practice and focus you can transform your consciousness and life right now.

The truth is… your non stop thinking is mostly about the non-existent past the unrealized future and is structured around the illusion of time.

The truth is… all that has ever existed, all that ever will exist, and all that ever does exist, is right Now. There never has been, there never will be, and there never is, anything but right this very moment.

Only the present moment can free you from your past. To be totally aware of the present, the mind must remain still an empty of thought.

One of the real steps to spiritual awakening is to realize the importance of not thinking, and then practice not thinking, everyday.

The truth is… there exists a real mystical primal power of being inside you. Discovering your primal power of being is your divine right as a sentient, spiritual being.

Joy is in the Spiritual Warriors’ journey,
Copyright Kurt Douglas Trevallion

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